A Lifetime of Leading

Delta Sigma Pi offers more than something to do in college. Delta Sigma Pi helps you grow professionally and personally throughout your lifetime. Even in your busy, everyday life, you can stay involved in Delta Sigma Pi. Staying involved is a great way to give back and make an impact in your community. You can join an alumni chapter for service and networking opportunities, volunteer on a national or local level, or attend Delta Sigma Pi events. You define the level of involvement that works for you and the type of impact you want to have. Delta Sigma Pi is not just for four years; it’s for life!

The Nu Omega chapter proudly and actively works with the local alumni chapter, KCAC, to organize events for alumni and active brothers alike. 

Follow the local alumni chapter, KCAC, on Twitter:

For more information on upcoming events, to join the alumni newsletter, or to organize an event, contact our Vice President of Alumni Relations, Ricky Heinlein, at